I'm an independent journalist reporting on gender, migration, and human rights. I’m currently writing a book documenting the lives of teenage girls around the world for Algonquin Young Readers. Previously, I worked at CNN and the Washington Post.

I am a reporter, editor, producer, and digital strategist who works with words, audio, social media, and emerging and unexpected platforms. My journalism explores how news events, laws, and systems of power affect women’s and girls’ lives around the world.

I've written about girlhood, prisons, and witch hunts in South Asia; covered the 2016 American presidential election; led CNN editorial strategy on emerging platforms; and managed digital innovations and storytelling for the Washington Post's national and politics desk. I've also curated part of a museum exhibit about social media and the 2016 presidential election; used disposable cameras to capture motherhood around the world; Facebook Live-d from the back of a motorcycle at the Olympics; and covered love stories and politics with voicemails. 

Want to collaborate, commission me, or chat? Email me: masuma.ahuja@gmail.com