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Feature stories and radio pieces.

Girlhood around the world: A series about the lives of teenage girls (The Washington Post / The Lily)
This is a ten-part series I wrote for The Washington Post’s The Lily and Lily Lines newsletter about girlhood around the world. I’m currently writing a book, based on this series, documenting the lives of teenage girls around the world for Algonquin Young Readers.
Full Series | Afghanistan | Nigeria | United States | Brazil | Refugee camp in Jordan | Sweden | Philippines | India | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Cambodia

Inside a training camp for migrant workers in Sri Lanka (BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service)

Scared and planning for the worst: Immigrants brace for deportation (CNN)

Inside an open prison in India (BBC News) | Listen to this story on BBC Radio 4 / BBC World Service

In Sri Lanka, preschool teachers help families cope while mothers work abroad (News Deeply)

The Horror of Being the Target of a Witch Hunt in India (Broadly/Vice)

Meet the 18-year-old who refused to be a child bride and is determined to bring change for others in India (CNN)

She was forced into sex work. Now that she's left that behind, she dreams of being a doctor. (PRI) 

'Here, No Man Decides': Meet India's First Female Sharia Court Judges (Broadly/Vice)

'It will tear our family apart': Voices of the immigration ban (CNN)

Coming of age in Trump’s era: Profiles of four teens who will grow up under President Trump (CNN)

Life after loss: Seven widows around the world share their stories of grief and survival (CNN)

Electronic surveillance under Presidents Bush and Obama (The Washington Post)
This story was part of the package of stories that was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

Four strangers texted one another during the State of the Union. This is what they had to say. (The Washington Post)

Voicemails from America: American voters on how they feel about the outcome of the 2016 election (CNN)

Can they search my phone?: A guide to your rights at the US border (CNN)

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On camera, on air

An interview with Ibtihaj Muhammad (CNN) - The award-winning Olympian who made history as the first US Olympian to compete and win a medal in a hijab.
Voicemails from America (CNN)  - Discussing my reporting about how American voters were feeling in the aftermath of Election Day.
Interview with American jumper Will Claye and Queen Harrison at the Olympics (CNN)
Interview with Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards Ross (CNN)
Interview with CNN international correspondent about Ryan Lochte at the Rio Olympics (CNN)
Interview with US Olympic women's rowing squad (CNN)